BIO 117 Study Tools

Utilize the resources below to master the content in this unit. For Human Biology you should be studying 2 hours a day. Try breaking your study time into 30-45 minute chunks infused with a variety of activities from videos, to flashcards, and even games!

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Educational Videos

The videos series listed below are a great resource for helping you understand the "Big Picture" concepts of each unit. Some of the videos will also give your anecdotal stories that will allow you to remember connect with specific terms and concepts.

Visit the following 2 textbook resources sites to practice your labeling skills and reinforce concepts related to each unit. Once on the website, navigate to the section/chapter related to this unit and select the labeling activity you want to practice.



To get the most out of these flashcards, create your own Quizlet account for free today! Then COPY this set over to your own account and EDIT it however you like. Now you have a usable study set you can carry around with you wherever you go! Make sure to utilize the PRACTICE TESTS to keep track of the concepts you KNOW and the concepts you DON'T KNOW.

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Quizlet Flash Cards

Free Open Biology Textbook

Boundless AP Biology and OpenStax provide free OER (open educational resource) textbook for human anatomy and physiology.